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Every Dream is unique to each dreamer.

Some Dreams only give you pieces of information, symbols or clues.  Like jigsaw puzzles, math problems or word associations, you have to figure them out.

All Dreams give a feeling.  What is important is the feeling you experienced from the Dream.  The feelings are your clues.  With every feeling-clue you solve and resolve you are freer.  When you live free you are connected to the Spiritual Realm of Heaven.

These are three types of Dreams I experience:  (I don’t use scientific terms.)     

The first one you are involved in and participating in – you are living it.  These let you EXPERIENCE what is taking place.  These allow you the ability to change:  the way you reacted, the way you handled the situation or something you said.  (Better prepared having lived it)

The second one you cannot participate in – you can only watch it (even if you are watching yourself).  These let you OBSERVE what is taking place.  These allow you to prepare for or affect the outcome.  (Better prepared having seen it)

The third one is a voice speaking to you – you heard it  (the surroundings don’t matter).  These give you KNOWLEDGE by direct information.  These allow you to choose your direction or action.  (Better prepared for knowing it)

All three types give you past, present or future information.

Remember, between Heaven and Earth there’s only a zone.  Nothing is Hidden, All Things are Known.




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