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Did you have a Dream last night?  Did you write it down or dismiss it?

Dreams are Heavenly messages that provide us with information important for our lives, for our Highest Good.  They give us direction when we’re at a fork in the road and faced with choices.  Dreams give us Guidance and answers to questions no one on earth can answer.

Most often, we experience them while we sleep, because it is then that our Spirit is quiet and at Peace.  That’s when our mind is not bombarded with verbiage from the world or busy with daily thoughts of what has to be accomplished.  Both block the open flow of information.

Dreams can also come to us during the day in the form of a thought or idea shot into our mind, (sometimes) disrupting our concentration, and transporting us to another place.  Have you ever been “tugged” into a thought causing all else around you to no longer exist?  These are split second Dreams, gifts from the Spiritual Realm, a place where there is no criticism only Encouragement and Unconditional Love.

If not written down, Dreams can disappear in a split second.  Like letting go of the string attached to a helium balloon; it floats away.  The string is your paper and pen, and the helium balloon is your Dream.

Set your morning alarm an extra 15 minutes earlier to give yourself time before you start your day.  Put a pad and pen next to your bed at night so you can reach it in the dark.  Say a few prayers as you close your eyes or make a declaration of thankfulness.  In the morning, turning on the light can make your Dream disappear.  If your room is already lit, cover your eyes with one hand; look forward through your closed eyelids, sit as still as you can.  You will be able to see the Dream or parts of it again as if watching a movie film, sometimes in the rewind mode.  Get writing with your other hand as you’re watching/recalling it.  Don’t worry about how you’re writing on the page.  Jot down everything you see and can remember so you don’t loose it.  You can always fill in and finish it later with greater detail.

We all are Spiritual Beings living in a physical world.  Your Soul is your personality:  the way you think, act, speak, and treat others.  It is who you portray to the world you are.  We are connected to both realms.  So, you can say we have a foot in both worlds.  It is the Spiritual world we travel in after we put our physical bodies safely to bed.  Your Dreams are the recollections of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen and experienced.

The Secret is writing Truthfully:  truthful of what took place in the Dream, truthful of how you acted, truthful of what you said, and truthful of how you felt.

When you get in tune with yourself through Truth, it is then that you can understand the Spiritual Realm and its messages. 



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